Stratagy & communication

Whether it concerns the creation of a website or the organisation of a congress, the voice or tone of a message, the location of an event… all these elements are part of an overall strategy.

We arrive at a long-term content strategy by carefully analysing and discussing the customer’s request.

All About Content uses Instagram to add more colour to the Brussels legal world

In its pursuit of a more diverse and inclusive legal profession, the Brussels Bar started the DIApositief project last year. The Bar wants to use this campaign to raise awareness among young people with an immigrant background to study law and to aspire to a career in the legal profession. All About Content created the house style for this project and set up the website  All About Content produced promotional videos to animate the website, while posters and flyers are distributed in Brussels schools and information sessions are organised.

Potential candidates who register for the DIApositief project will be selected on the basis of a number of criteria, such as motivation, interests, and study results, as well as origin and the language spoken at home. Afterwards, they go through a twelve-hour programme in which they are immersed in the world of justice and the legal profession, and are introduced to the meaning of the rule of law. They will use this information to write a paper on the importance of diversity in a constitutional state. The candidate with the best paper will receive the scholarship (the registration fee, books, a PC, and a public transport pass).

The question ‘how do we get in touch with the target group?’ became even more difficult in 2020 because the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the schools, meaning they couldn’t hold any information sessions in the schools. So All About Content was looking for an alternative way to get in touch with the target group.

An Instagram account on which news and videos about the DIApositief project were posted on a weekly basis proved to appeal to the target audience. A number of strategic Instagram posts were quickly created from the existing material that was developed for the website. The distribution of the posts received an extra boost thanks to various ambassadors. New messages about the project were posted weekly.

Andrée and Pierre Arty Foundation

The Andrée and Pierre Arty Foundation is an art foundation established in 2006. Its purpose? The consolidation and promotion of the oeuvre of the Brussels artist, which consists of collages, drawings, paintings, and poems. All About Content was asked to give the foundation a face and to develop a strategy to promote collage art and support current collage artists.

The creation of a house style and the website formed the basis for the organisation of the Andrée and Pierre Arty Award for Collage Art. Posters were designed and distributed in art academies. Press releases were sent to art magazines and specialised websites. The previous editions were always very successful with over 50 participants. The winner, who is selected by a professional jury, receives a prize worth 5,000.00 euros, to be spent on the production and publication of a catalogue of their (collage) work. They will also have a group exhibition with the other laureates and a solo exhibition presenting the catalogue. The realisation of the catalogue, the construction of the exhibition, the organisation of the vernissages, and the communication about all this are all handled by All About Content.

Andrée Arty was not only a creative collage artist, she was also a successful musician. The foundation also aimed to showcase this aspect of her career through the awarding of a music prize. It comes as no surprise that the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, where Andrée Arty studied music, was very enthusiastic about joining in the organisation of a composition prize. Last year, the winning compositions were performed during a concert at the Royal Conservatory. The winners were rewarded with a CD recording of the concert. All About Content was responsible for the coordination of this competition and the organisation of the concert.